About Us

Our company has succeeded to carry itself up the top spot among the market players by combining its deep experience and market’s trend in the eyeglass frame market which has developed greatly in recent years. Providing high amounts of added value in the economy of the country, continues to work by cooperating with many companies regarding the production and marketing successfully. It continues to contribute to the country and to the sector by producing for many corporate companies in the market.
We are a respected, strong and reliable place on the market, and our customers are the real power of our company. Furthermore, our staffs with superior qualities are the professional values of our company also. With our 10 years’ experience in the eyewear sector, we aware the responsibilities and importance of our profession. Not to be in any commercial activity that would endanger human health, to stand behind all our words and our products in all conditions, we never forget the importance of our staff, who is an integral part of our service and keeping in mind the importance of our production technology which has been in the world standards for 10 years, establishing friendships that starting with sales not ending with sales, and keeping these friendships from generation to generation, is our greatest commercial value.